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This webinar was originally presented on 29 September 2020

Webinar presentation titled: Cultivating Safety Leadership through a mindset of Caring Actively and Interconnectedness, presented by Donna Buchanan from Veraison. This is a follow on session from the previous webinar: Cultivating Safety Leadership through a mindset of Curiosity & Commitment.  

This webinar will explore the final two intentional states, Caring Actively, and Interconnectedness, from both a practical and theoretical perspective. While no one ‘wants’ anyone to get hurt, caring about your colleague’s welfare is more than just lip service. It requires a leader to actively demonstrate their care for others by speaking up, role modeling effective self-care, and managing both mental and physical health concerns professionally and compassionately. It’s the ‘active’ part that most leaders miss. Our research has also shown that leaders cannot do it alone, to have a sustainable impact on safety and performance leaders need to create and influence an interconnected system that supports a positive, integral safety culture. This requires Interconnectedness, the fourth and less known intentional state.

Learning Outcomes

  • What effective safety leadership actually looks like both theoretically and using real, field examples.
  • How to transform into a more effective safety leader using Caring Actively and Interconnectedness
  • Opportunity to identify limiting beliefs and behaviours to both safety and performance

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Your Presenter 

Donna Buchanan, Veraison

Donna Buchanan brings over 20 years’ experience in the utility and care industries, working across boundaries to enable excellence in human and business performance through connecting strategy, capability, and culture. Working across aspects of customer service, asset management, operations and support services, Donna has a breadth of exposure to many elements of an infrastructure business tasked with safely delivering services to benefit the community, business and industry.

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