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Event Details

Monday, 11 February, 2019 - 09:00 to Tuesday, 12 February, 2019 - 17:00


$1,695 per person (AUD)


Event Organising Body: 
Southpac International Group
(07) 5533 9988

The Masterclass Tour is a series of events led by thought leaders from across the globe who have collaborated with HOP|LAB to share ideas, practice and experiences about topics related to HOP.

This engaging and practical part of the course develops a working knowledge of the H.O.P. (Human Organisational Performance) principles, terminology and methods. H.O.P. also known as Safety Differently moves organisations away from a “compliance only” mindset to asking better questions, seeking understanding and enhancing the performance of everyday work.

The basic H.O.P. principles explained in this course are;

  1. Error is Normal
  2. Blame Fixes Nothing
  3. Systems (Context) Drive Behaviours
  4. Learning is Vital
  5. Response Matters

 Monday 11 - Tuesday 12 February 2019
Cost: $1,695 per person (AUD)

Day 1
Key topics such as blame, error, operational drift, performance modes, and system thinking are covered in enough depth that the participants will be able to put into practice what they learn. Demonstrations are built into this class to show how common error and blame are. The class discussion moves the focus from error and blame to a more holistic, systems thinking, approach to failure. Emphasis is placed on the importance of operational learning and changing from a reactionary mode to more of a “learn and improve” approach. Thought provoking conversations are held to challenge the notion of a root cause, a linear path to failure and an oversimplification of how both failure and success happen. Participants will be able to apply the ideas discussed to their own organisation to improve system stability, reliability and resilience and will see the importance of building better defences, increasing capacity and improving learning around events.

Day 2
This part of the course will demonstrate how to improve operational learning. Emphasis is placed on the “Learning Team” approach and the value of taking time to learn before taking action. Methods and techniques for coaching and facilitating “Learning Teams” as well as a discussion of what the learning sessions should look like are included. This training also includes a discussion with coaches about things that may hinder learning (i.e. biases, production pressure, etc.) as they attempt to conduct better operational learning at their site.

Bob Edwards | The H.O.P Coach

Bob helps organisations realise that human error is common and can even be expected in complex work environments. He demonstrates how, when something bad happens, our focus needs to shift from blaming those doing the work to a look at the system they are working in.

Bob has worked for a variety of businesses.  Including several global corporations, medium-sized company and working independently so his experience with a variety of organisational structure is varied. He draws on his life experience from the military, working in industry, outdoor adventure sports and raising a family of 12 kids to bring his presentation about Human and Organisational Performance to life.

He uses a humoristic style to talk about his own failures and successes in life to help others relax a little about failure and focus more on learning and collaboration.

He is a leading expert on Human Performance Learning Teams and has led hundreds of Learning Team sessions for safety and quality events, for operational upsets and even challenging design issues.

Bob is the founder of The H.O.P. Coach and has a BS degree in mechanical engineering from Tennessee Technological University and MS degree in Advanced Safety Engineering Management from the University of Alabama Birmingham.

Bob Edwards – LinkedIn