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Wednesday, 17 July, 2019 - 14:30 to 15:30
Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)


AIHS / AIOH / HFESA Members - $20.00 +GST
Non-Members - $65.00 +GST


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Australian Institute of Health & Safety
(03) 8336 1995



Two significant events have occurred this century in the world of vision and lighting: (1) the discovery of cells in the human retina (ipRGC) which help control our sleep/wake cycle and (2) the widespread adoption of LED as light sources in workplaces and homes. 

Scientists are still exploring the implications of this new knowledge and technology for health, safety and productivity, and on first glance it may appear that the scientific literature is awash with conflicting facts. Meanwhile, products are being developed and sold on the basis of emerging knowledge. 

One of the roles of a workplace health and safety professional is to assemble and understand available scientific knowledge in order to make informed health and safety decisions within workplaces.
For example: 

  1. Are LED better than other light sources such as fluorescent lamps? 
  2. Does dynamic lighting (which has adjustable illuminance and adjustable correlated colour temperature/colour appearance) improve productivity and alertness? 
  3. Is blue light bad for your eyes? Do we need to worry about LED lighting in our workplaces?

This presentation will answer the above questions by drawing on evidence based knowledge from a range of disciplines including safety, lighting, physics, electronics, biology, ergonomics and optometry. Audience members will also gain some basic scientific knowledge related to lighting and vision which will enable them to make informed decisions within practice for purchasing lighting products and answering questions within the workplace related to blue light.

Audience members will:

  • Gain some basic scientific literacy about lighting and vision.
  • Learn what is the current scientific knowledge related to blue light and LED.
  • Understand how to apply this information when purchasing lighting products and answering questions in the workplace related to blue light.  

Wednesday 17 July 2019
Time: 2.30 - 3.30 pm (AEST)
Format: Webinar Format - Login details will be emailed  to registered attendees 1-2 days prior to the webinar.
Audience: This webinar would be suitable for

  • Practitioner 1 (OHS Officer)
  • Practitioner 2-3 (OHS Advisor, OHS Coordinator)
  • Professional 1 (Graduate OHS Advisor)
  • Professional 2 (OHS Manager)
  • Professional 3 (General/Group Manager, OHS/Safety/VP/Director OHS/ Safety)
  • HSE Leaders
  • WISH
  • Student & YSP
  • Executives

AIHS / AIOH / HFESA Members - $20.00 +GST
Non Members - $65.00 +GST


This webinar will be recorded and distributed to paid registered attendees 3-4 days after the event.


JENNIFER LONG, Director, Jennifer Long Visual Ergonomics

Jennifer Long is a Certified Generalist OHS Professional, a Certified Professional Ergonomist and an optometrist. Based in NSW, Jennifer is self employed as a visual ergonomics consultant and blends knowledge from the safety, ergonomics and optometry disciplines to devise practical solutions for improving visual comfort, ability and safety in workplaces.

Jennifer has had the pleasure of working in a variety of industries including offices, control rooms, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and transport, and has worked alongside safety professionals, ergonomists, physiotherapists, occupation therapists, engineers and architects.  

In addition to her visual ergonomics business, Jennifer is a Conjoint Senior Lecturer at the School of Optometry and Vision Science, UNSW and a member of the Standards Australia SF006 Committee for Eye and Face Protection.