What is 'CPD'?

* CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and is used to describe learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities, skills, and knowledge. CPD activities may be skills-based or knowledge-based; obtained either via formal training, events and service, or through informal activities such as independent research, reading and reflecting, or writing papers and submissions.  The development of skills by helping others to build theirs is also an important aspect of CPD activities. Such activities may include involvement in mentoring programs, speaking at conferences or seminars; or volunteering time to assist the AIHS or other related activities advancing the safety profession. Developmental activities may be on or off the job.

Do I have to complete the CPD Logbook?

* All Certified practitioners and professionals are required to:

- Log their CPD Actvities via the online CPD Platform, reflect on each activity and submit a final logbook annually

- Warrant that they will do so in the coming financial year.

Logbooks may be audited.  Certified Professionals and Practitioners who fail to submit a CPD Logbook annually will be asked why they have not made a submission, and may be subject to audit.

If you are an AIHS Member or Fellow and are not certified, it is not compulsory to complete a CPD Logbook. However, it is a useful tool to help you identify and record appropriate and relevant professional development activities.

How many CPD Points do I need in a given period?

* Certified practitioners and professionals require 100 points per year. 

What is meant by the ‘planning period’?

* The CPD Planning Period refers to a 12 month period of CPD Activities. Your annual reporting period is based on the Month you were Certified. Example: September 2020 to August 2021

What if I am unable to participate in CPD activities?

* It is recognised that there may be times certified members are unable to fully participate in CPD. There are many situations and circumstances that may cause significant interruptions to our careers and professional development activities, e.g. unemployment; moving interstate; being a carer for children, spouse or parents; using parental leave; domestic violence leave or other personal circumstances such as illness. If this is the case for you, you should contact the AIHS office to apply for a waiver or a reduction in the CPD requirements. A waiver of up to 12 months may be issued depending upon the circumstances.

CPD Requirement for AIHS Certified Practitioners and Professionals

There are a broad range of activities that you can complete to accrue CPD Points. These activities fall within 3 categories:

  • Individual Education/Learning/Knowledge/Skill Development (Including transferable skills)
  • Development of the Profession (AIHS Service)
  • Application of OHS Knowledge in the Workplace

Certified practitioners and professionals are required to accrue 100 points per year. 

The CPD Points Guide explains how many CPD points you can earn for the activities you engage in. 

Can I claim points for activities that I undertake in the course of my normal employment?

* No, CPD is about activities which contribute to improving your knowledge and developing current practice, and service to the profession. Thus, you cannot claim CPD points for activities which form part of normal duties associated with your employment. However, if you can demonstrate the activity is over and above your normal duties (i.e. the review and reflection of cutting edge technology implementation with the aim of reducing workplace injuries) then you may wish to include this activity in your CPD Logbook.

What is an AIHS Endorsed Event?

* An AIHS Endorsed Event is one that has been assessed by the AIHS as having relevant content, that is presented by qualified teachers/trainers with relevant experience in the delivery of training.  AIHS Endorsed training courses will be branded on the AIHS website as 'Endorsed Training'.

What if the training I have undertaken is not an AIHS Endorsed Training Course?

* That is fine as not all training providers will seek AIHS Endorsement status. That does not mean that you cannot include the activity in your CPD Logbook.  However, it will likely attract fewer points.

Can I claim points for undertaking formal studies?

* Yes, if you are a Certified Practitioner/Professional and are undertaking further educational studies in WHS/OHS or another related area, you can claim this activity as part of the CPD activities.  Study can be full-time or part-time, delivered face-to-face, blended learning, online or distance learning. The CPD Points Guide explains how many CPD points you can earn for the activities you engage in. 

Can I seek to have full points applied to an event I have undertaken?

* Yes, if you are thinking of undertaking or have undertaken CPD that does not carry full points, you can ask for this to be reviewed. However, you will need to provide details of the activity so that an assessment can be made. Please note that it may not be possible or appropriate to allocate full points retrospectively.

Examples of training which may carry full points include:

(a)          training not specific to health and safety, but to develop competencies relevant to your WHS/OHS role (such as management, public speaking and leadership), and/or

(b)         CPD which has already been delivered with a quality endorsement from another body whose assessment standards are accepted by the AIHS (e.g. HFESA or AIOH).

What if I cannot find a category for my activity on the ‘Points Schedule’?

* Most activities will fall into several main categories

Select one of the 4 categories:

  • Individual Education/Learning/Knowledge/Skill Development (Including transferable skills) AIHS Endorsed
  • Individual Education/Learning/Knowledge/Skill Development (Including transferable skills)  Non AIHS Endorsed
  • Development of the Profession (AIHS Service)
  • Application of OHS Knowledge in the Workplace

Then select an activity. This is how the platform assigns CPD points in line with the CPD Points Guide.

Certified practitioners and professionals are required to accrue 100 points per year. 

These activities may have a direct or an indirect relationship to WHS/OHS practice (i.e. quality, auditing, return to work, workers compensation, wellbeing, and environment). Part of your reflective practice will be to link the activity to your practice as a Certified OHS Practitioner/Professional.

How do I document my involvement on an AIHS Committee or other volunteer/community-based health and safety volunteer committee?

* The AIHS acknowledges that our members serve on a wide range of volunteer health and safety-based committees. Rather than just assigning CPD points for regular attendance at committee meetings, points are allocated having regard to hours of active contribution. The CPD Points Guide explains how many CPD points you can earn for the activities you engage in. 

Do I need to keep evidence of my activities, if so what sort of proof do I need to keep?

* Yes. There are a range of activities that require you to add Evidence, this may include a certificate of attendance, a screenshot showing your completion of an online course, a thank you letter for mentoring, something that confirms your attendance at an activity.

I haven’t got time to complete the CPD Platform.

* It is recommended that you complete the CPD Platform on a regular basis to keep it up to date. The best way is to spend a few minutes completing or adding activities.  Or add a note to your calendar so you have some prompts to go back to when you go to complete the record and/or reflection. You are entitled to claim 10 points annually for completing your CPD Plan and submitting your CPD Logbook.

Why do I need to Reflect on my CPD activities?

* The CPD Logbook requires certified practitioners/professionals to, not only undertake activities, but to also reflect on anything that they may have learned from the activity. The learning may be positive learning (i.e. something that you will take away from that activity and apply to your practice), or it may be negative (i.e. attending a webinar that you found was disorganised, did not stay on topic, included errors or out-of-date material, or was at a lower level than what was anticipated). Please take a look at these Reflection Examples for additional assistance.

What happens if some of my activities are not accepted and/or I cannot reach the allotted points for a given period?

* As Certified Practitioners/Professionals it is important that you continue to reflect and review your current knowledge and skill level. Failure to comply with the requirements of the CPD Program and Certification currency requirements may result in the withdrawal of your certification.  In the case of an individual not meeting the CPD requirements, they will be asked to provide further information or details of CPD activities undertaken or provide a plan of their proposed CPD activities, in the first instance.

Any individual who is no longer in WHS/OHS practice and intends to discontinue the use of certification must advise the AIHS National Office of their decision.