The following courses are offered as automated online learning courses. They are provided by different agencies, and have been endorsed by The AIHS under its ‘endorsed professional development’ program. Special rates and discount codes may apply if you apply though this page.

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The objective of this course “The Essence of Ethics” is to develop the basic personal ethical capability of AIHS members and certified OHS professionals and practitioners where ethical capability is defined as:

…the ability to identify and respond effectively to ethical issues by making,...

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This fully online course offers an action-oriented introduction to Giving Voice to Values (or GVV), a new approach to values-driven leadership development in the workplace, in business education and in life. GVV is not about persuading people to be more ethical. It starts from the premise that...

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In this course, you will come to appreciate the theory and practice of a concept that you have probably been doing throughout your professional career, but not realized it until now. You will learn the nature of job crafting, or how employees make proactive changes and adjustments to their jobs...

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The following course work is provided as a pathway to Practitioner Certification. You will work through 6 modules, each with short quizzes. Once all modules have been successfully completed you will be booked into the Online Practitioner Exam.Successful completion of all modules and exam will...

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Access will be given to the Exam after successful completion of the Practitioner Pathway modules

Endorsed training courses

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Introduction to the WHS Act with Greg Smith

Welcome to the Work Health and Safety Act, where penalties are tougher, convictions are easier and terms are broader. 

Join renowned WHS lawyer and international award-winning author, Greg Smith, as we break down the jargon and explore the key changes in legislation affecting WA businesses, employers and employees. 

Learn the role you play in ensuring you and your business stays compliant.

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WHS Act With Greg Smith: 3 Module Bundle

The bundle contains the full set of 3 WHS Act with Greg Smith Modules, covering key changes affecting different levels of an organisation:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the WHS Act with Greg Smith
  • Module 2: WHS Act with Greg Smith: Personal Liabilities for Company Officers 
  • Module 3: WHS Act with Greg Smith: Personal Liabilities for Company Workers
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WHS Act with Greg Smith: Personal Liability for Company Officers

Are you a company director, secretary or board member? If the answer is yes, you’re classed as a “Company Officer”. 

Under the WHS Act 2020, penalties for are far tougher and it's administratively easier for Company Officers to be personally prosecuted. 

Join international award-winning author and qualified lawyer, Greg Smith, as we take a deep-dive into key changes affecting Company Officers. 

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WHS Act with Greg Smith: Personal Liability for Workers

From full-time employees and contractors to interns and volunteers, 'Workers' or 'Non-Company Officers' play a pivotal role in keeping your company compliant under the new WHS Act

Get your Workers up to speed with their duties, penalties and personal liability in this 25-minute online course.