Certification Application Process

Certification is open to eligible AIHS Members. If you are not currently an AIHS Member, the cost is $250 + GST. Click APPLY to complete your membership application. 

Once you have completed the Certification Eligibility Questionnaire, a recommendation on the correct certification level and Pathway will be provided. The process to become certified is as follows:

To prepare for your application, we also recommend you ensure you have the required documentation ready. This includes:

  1. A current CV/Resume
  2. A transcript of your document (Please note we require a copy of your transcript which shows your subjects undertaken)
  3. Your Demonstrated Capability Assessment Report or Professional Reflective Practice depending on the level of certification you are applying for.

Go to our APPLY FOR CERTIFICATION page for the next steps.

If you are seeking further advice about your certification level, please contact us.