What is OHS Certification and who is eligible to apply?

OHS Certification is a program that evaluates the qualifications of Occupational Health and Safety professionals. It provides certification levels based on the Global Capability Framework for health and safety professionals, including Certified OHS Practitioner, Certified OHS Professional, and Chartered OHS Professional.

To apply for OHS Certification, you must first be an AIHS member. AIHS provides a Certification Eligibility Questionnaire to help determine your eligibility for certification as an Occupational Health and Safety professional.

What is the application process for OHS Certification?

The certification process begins with an application, which undergoes a desk review by the AIHS Certification Team. If deemed eligible, an Assessor is allocated to conduct three interviews with the Applicant and two nominated Referees.

What happens after the application interviews?

Once the interviews are completed, the Assessor provides a recommendation which is reviewed by the Lead Assessor who ultimately decides whether the application is Approved, requires Further Information, or is Unsuccessful.

What are the fees for OHS Certification?

The fees for Certification Applications are $450 (+ gst) for Certified Practitioner (COHSPrac), Certified Professional (COHSProf) and Chartered Certified Professional (ChOHSP). OHS Certification Upgrades are $250 (+ gst), and upgrades are only available for COHSPrac and COHSProf.

How much does it cost to renew OHS Certification?

The renewal cost for Certified Practitioner and Professional is $335 (+ gst), and the renewal cost for Certified Professional is $415 (+ gst). Renewal occurs every three years.

What is the Privacy and Security Policy for OHS Certification?

The AIHS collects information as required in order to complete the assessment, but this information will only be made available to AIHS and the Assessor. The AIHS is committed to protecting the information collected for this purpose and will not make your details available to any third party in any instance.

What is the Practitioner Pathway Program and what is its cost?

The Practitioner Pathway Program is a 6 module Program that provides a pathway to apply for Certification at a Practitioner level. The cost of the Program is $1200 (+gst). This includes the Program Modules, Practitioner Exam, and Certification Application.

What are the requirements to enroll in the Practitioner Pathway Program?

Applicants must be an AIHS Member to enroll in the Practitioner Pathway Program. They should have at least 3 years of experience working in WHS at a Practitioner level and hold a Certificate IV in OHS.

What is the Exam in the Practitioner Pathway Program and what is the pass/fail criteria?

The Exam is multiple choice and randomized, and takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Applicants are required to complete and pass the Exam, with results communicated as either a Pass or a Fail. A numerical score is not provided.

What happens if an applicant fails the Practitioner Pathway Program Exam?

Applicants that fail the Exam can repeat the Exam once only. If the outcome for the second Exam attempt is Fail, no further attempts will be allowed. Feedback on the categories failed will be provided via email. If the outcome of the second Exam attempt is Pass, the Applicant is eligible to apply for COHSPrac.

What are the requirements for Newly Certified Professionals?

Newly certified professionals have a commitment to Continued Professional Development (“CPD”) of 100 points per year, assessed every three years (300 CPD points across 3 years).

What are the changes in the new OHS Certification Program and how will they affect my current certification status as an OHS Trainee or OHS Graduate?

The Trainee and Graduate Certification levels will be discontinued, and a new program will offer three levels of certification: Certified Generalist OHS Professional (CGOHSP), Certified OHS Professional (COHSP), and Chartered OHS Professional (ChOHSP). However, the current status of Certified Members will remain active. The updated program aims to recognize OHS professionals and align more closely with international best practices, providing a great opportunity for career and professional development.