The health and safety profession has a unique voice, and the Australian Institute of Health & Safety seeks to express that voice in a positive way as a contribution to the development of Workplace Health and Safety Policy and practice in Australia. The Institute has an overarching Policy Agenda, which outlines our core beliefs and the key areas of the focus for our policy, and a series of Position Statements, which reflect the views of the Institute on a range of matters at any given time.  

The Institute is constantly evolving our work in policy, and as we do, we provide opportunities for our key stakeholders - health and safety practitioners and professionals -  to provide input.  Keep your eye out on social media for our calls for comment.  

AIHS Policy Agenda

The AIHS Policy Agenda was developed after consultation with members of the Institute and other key stakeholders. Click here to access the Policy Agenda.

AIHS Position Statements and Publications

The AIHS has developed the following position statements expressing the current view of the Institute Board and College of Fellows Executive under each of the focus areas of this policy agenda.

These statements are developed after taking into account the views of Institute members, other stakeholders, available research, and with consideration of the current environmental context. Click on the links below to view our current statements. 

General statements regarding the health and safety profession and its practice 

General statements regarding health and safety policy, regulation, legislation and standards

General statements regarding progressing health and safety within organisations

Issue-specific Position Statements

OHS Profession Code of Ethics

Fatigue and Fitness for Work

Safeguarding Mental Health at Work

Safety Governance and Leadership of Boards and Senior Management

Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

Practice Related Publications

OHS Body of Knowledge

A Practical Guide to Becoming a High-Reliability Organisation

AIHS Submissions

Submission Title Type Date Submitted Jurisdiction Submission Information Page
Dreamworld Inquest Inquest 27 July 2018 QLD Coroners Court  
Aged Care Safety and Quality Public consultation  30 April 2019 Royal Commission
2018 Review of the Model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Laws Review 24 May 2019 Safe Work Australia


Victoria's Workplace Manslaughter Consultation Paper Public consultation  24 May 2019 Victorian Department of Justice  
Resources Safety and Health Queensland Bill 2019 Public consultation  19 September 2019 State Development, Natural Resources and Agricultural Industry Development Committee of QLD  
National Dust Disease Taskforce  Public consultation  6 November 2019 The National Dust Disease Taskforce


WHS Regulations for Western Australia  Public consultation  26 November 2019 Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety of WA


Mineral and Energy Resources and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2020 Public consultation  26 February 2020 State Development, Natural Resources & Agricultural Industry Development Committee of QLD


WHS Bill Submission Part 2 Public consultation  26 June 2020 State Development, Natural Resources & Agricultural Industry Development Committee of QLD


Inquiry into the Victorian Government's response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Inquiry 31 July 2020 Victorian Governement


Draft Code of Practice - Prevention of violence and aggression at work Submission Part 1

Draft Code of Practice - Prevention of violence and aggression at work Submission Part 2

Public consultation  22 September 2020 WA’s Commission for Occupational Safety and Health


Managing the Risks to Psychological Health Code of Practice (Proposed Code) Public consultation  16 October 2020  NSW Government
Draft COVID-19 Model WHS Code of Practice Public consultation  21 October 2020 The Attorney-General's Department
Submission to Standards CH-31 Committee NATA Proposal Submission to Standards 14 December 2020 Standards Australia  
Submission to SA Coroners Court - Mobile Amusement Devices Invited consultation 31 July 2021 VIC Coroners Court  

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