Naomi Kemp was elected to the AIHS Board in September 2017 and re-elected in September 2020 for a further three years. Naomi was appointed Chair of the Board in 2019 and immediately embraced the role of spokesperson and advocate for the AIHS, the profession and health and safety in Australian workplaces.

Naomi has played a vocal role in our Think Forward Strategy and supporting our vision of safe and healthy people in productive workplaces and communities. Naomi has captured audiences with her keynote presentations at a number of conferences, including those hosted by the Australian Amusement Leisure & Recreation Association (AALRA) and Self Insurers of South Australia (SISA) in 2018, Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) and WorkSafeBC in Vancouver in 2019. Naomi regularly hosts, emcees and presents at AIHS Events Nationally and Virtually.

Naomi brings a wealth of experience to her position as Chair, with multiple non-executive roles across a range of industries. Naomi is currently an Expert Member of the WHS Board for the Queensland Government, Office of Industrial Relations and Member of the Trieste Global Advisory Board. She is a Certified OHS Professional with a Bachelor of Occupational Health & Safety Science and is proud to have been a member of the Institute for over 10 years.

Naomi is a strong supporter of the AIHS Emerging Leaders and Women in Safety & Health (WISH) Networks and is a sought-after Mentor in the AIHS Mentorship Program.